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Delicious Scoop with Kelley Lamm “Has the BEST TIME to BUY”

The Delicious Scoop is when to BUY and get a GREAT DEAL!

Planning a vacation? Having a Dishwasher disaster? Need new wheels? Those big-ticket items can take a big bite out of your budget…unless you know the best time to buy!

Here are a few delicious tips to help:

Get your new WHEELS in August! That is when the new year models hit the lots, motivating dealers to clear out old inventory. For extra savings-data shows buy a car the 1st or 2nd of August as dealers are trying to finish and meet quotas for end of the month. According to data from you will save an average of 2.4%…about $716 in August.

Planning a VACATION? Book that flight seven weeks out! 49 days is the sweet spot for snagging the lowest possible domestic airfare amounting to savings of roughly 6% according to a Another tip book at 1am on Wednesdays. Lowest fares appear Sunday and Mondays.

Need a new APPLIANCE? Do it in the FALL! Prices for major appliances hit rock bottom in early fall as dealers make way for the next year’s models. Dont shop on busy weekends…go on a Thursday when the stores are empty and the salesperson is likely to give you an even better deal!

Get those great deals during the BEST time to BUY! 7e502343021889bf8795f15fe26f1b0a HAPPY SHOPPING!

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