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ManCave Monday on Kelley Lamm @ Noon!

Today is our first ManCave Monday with Men of St. Louis ready to answer women’s questions on Kelley Lamm @ NOON! Tough job, I know…but someone has to do it! Today you will Meet Steve Strick, Rob Huffman, Adam Thornberry, Charles Dalton and Patrick Queenan.

One lucky women will hear the magical words, YOU GOT FLOWERED and delivered flowers live on air by Always in Bloom.

Sex Expert, Dr Andrea Blaylock answers your questions today. All this and more on Kelley Lamm @ Noon. Can you taste it? Its what’s for lunch on Kelley Lamm @ Noon

“Get Caught Listening” weekdays, 12 to 2pm on America‘s #1 All Talk Woman’s Radio Station.

Americas’ #1 All Talk Woman’s Radio Show, presents, Kelley Lamm @ Noon on 1380 The Woman. It is full of Sugar & Spice and Especially Nice, leaving you savoring each moment. 

Host, Kelley Lamm reaches within the region as well as beyond the Arch to bring people from the community, the nation and the world into their listener’s lives. From Chocolate, Chicks and Coffee Talk, to Charity Walks and Celebrity Talks, Medical Experts, Renowned Psychics, Fabulous Finds and St. Louis Men answer women’s questions from the Monday Man Cave.

This show has everything “women want to talk about and men want to hear”. Entertainment, information and inspiration are what you can expect from Kelley Lamm @ NoonKeep Tuning in and you’ll see that it’s more than just a radio show….it’s a blast! “Get Caught Listening”! Download the phone app, stream online or on the dial at 1380am

ManCave Monday

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