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Is…Heaven For Real? Kelley Lamm Interviews Author, Todd Burpos

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Tune in Thursday for Kelley’s Delicious Scoop at 7:45am as I interview Todd Burpos, Author and father of Colton Burpos, a four-year-old phenomenon whose vision of Heaven sparks a best-selling book, a ministry and now a feature film, “Heaven Is For Real” Like everyone else, he goes to high school. Now 14 years old and a freshman, Colton Burpo, along with his family, lives a pretty normal life.

He continues to help develop material for the Heaven Is For Real ministry and travels and speaks with his father–around school and sports, of courseThe Burpos are the perfect picture of a small-town American family: mom and dad, daughter and son. Young Colton and his dad are inseparable … until an illness lands Colton in the hospital. Fearing they will lose their son, the parents cry out to God to spare him.

 While Colton’s amazing recovery should lead his family back to normalcy, they quickly discover nothing will ever be the same again. With childlike innocence, Colton begins talking about having visited Heaven and his incredible experiences there … including meeting family members he never knew about.

 Based on the beloved book by Pastor Todd Burpo (with Lynn Vincent), HEAVEN IS FOR REAL tells one family’s story about Heaven and the impact it has on their community … and the world.

My interview was heavenly and I hope you will enjoy hearing Todd Burpos speak candidly of his experience and life after his experienced heaven.

Please let me know if you enjoyed the interview, the book and/or the movie.

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