Say it OUT LOUD, with Kelley and Cassandra LIVE

Are you ready to “SAY IT OUT LOUD”? Do you have something special you have always wanted to say to someone who has made a difference in your life? Do you want to say it out loud LIVE on the air? You can do just that beginning this Holiday Season each Wednesday at 3:45pm. One will be chosen each week to, “Say it out Loud” on air.

Want us to make a special shout for you? Is it a friend, teacher, mentor, family member or someone who has crossed your path you want us to SAY a few words on your behalf? SEND those special WORDS to us and we will make sure to share it out LOUD for you!

Contact Kelley Lamm at klamm@1380thewoman or Cassandra Walker at cwalker1380thewoman.com to set up your special shout! NOW is the time to say it out loud! Don’t wait it just makes it too late! Say it NOW Say it OUT LOUD on airon air at Kelley and Cassandra LIVE on 1380 The Woman.

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Say it OUT LOUD on AIR!Say it OUT LOUD on air


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