You Got Flowered, Kathy Hutsler with 1380 The Woman!

YOU GOT FLOWERED, Kathy Hutsler!

Letter of love and nomination by Husband, Patrick Hutsler:


                             Kathy Hutsler was nominated by her husband Patrick and flowers were delivered by Always in Bloom

Kathy Hutsler was nominated by her husband        Patrick and flowers were delivered  by                 Always in Bloom

I would like to nominate my wife Kathy for the “YOU GOT FLOWERED”  contest!  She is a working Mom that finds time for it ALL!  We have been married for 31 years and our children ages range from 31 to 10.  We still put our young daughter on the bus together each morning.  This ritual is decades old for us now ;)I pitch in as much as I can.  But Kathy has made our house a home for each one of our kids and all of their friends.   She has been adopted as 2nd MOM by countless
people, most of them adults now, and they still call her MOM!  She manages a Trucking Company for one of these fellas that we took in when his life was rough now he owns a Trucking Company!She has a tremendous impact on the people she meets and now that we are on Face Book that has become an international phenomena  😉 She is a trained Chef and people are always popping in for home cooked:  Chicken Peprakash, or Hungarian Goulash, or one of her many pastries/ pies/ cakes.  (It is very hard for me to not be ROUND. )  It may sound cliche’ but to Know Kathy is to Love her.   It is kinda fun to watch.  If she is around a small child for more than a few minutes, they cling to her!  Puppies / dogs too!  Her loving attitude is so genuine the innocent are drawn right to her! I love that you are doing this for some lucky lady. I pray you consider Kathy!

We did consider Kathy and she heard the beautiful words, “You Got Flowered” Monday, November 4th by Always in Bloom!

If you have a beautiful woman in your life please send your nomination letter to Kelley Lamm at klamm@1380thewoman.com


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